Study Links Sleep Loss to Diabetes

Are you getting enough sleep? Sure, life catch up to all of us, but we need to make a commitment to our health. Aside from all of the benefits of a proper night of rest, you can add “diabetes prevention” to the list. According to a recent news article in two sleep scenarios:

“In one, they got a full night’s sleep — about eight hours a night — for four nights. In the other, they only got slightly more than four hours of sleep a night, according to the researchers.
After a few consecutive nights of getting too little sleep, the men’s blood levels of fatty acids increased and stayed high for about five hours in the early morning hours. These levels usually peak and then drop overnight.

As long as fatty acid levels remained high, the ability of insulin to regulate blood sugar levels was impaired, according to the study.”

It is a great read. Check it out, and afterwards, hit the sack and catch some Z’s.

Foot Problems Associated with Diabetes

For individuals diagnosed with diabetes, having too much sugar, or glucose in their blood can lead to many serious and long-term complications. Uncontrolled situations can lead to risk of nearly every organ in the body, including the heart and blood vessels, the nerves, the gums and teeth, the kidneys, and the eyes. As the body begins to shut down, an individual’s lower extremities are largely at risk because of the length of blood flow required to travel throughout the veins.

This leads to sensory diabetic neuropathy, which is a lack of feeling one may experience with damaged nerves preventing an individual to not feel cold, heat, or even pain. You can imagine the complications if a cut occurs on the foot, and the individual doesn’t even realize that it is there. The nerve damage in a foot can also lead to foot ulcers.

So is there anything that we can do about it? Absolutely! Proper foot care and awareness is of utmost importance to not only control issues, but also, to prevent them. Important habits to develop are: thoroughly wash your feet everyday with mild soap and tepid water, wear proper fitting orthopedic shoes for women and men, and set regular appointments with your doctor for a checkup on your feet. We’ll get into more of these items in detail below.

Washing and drying your feet: Make sure that you wash your feet in warm water every day, with a mild soap. Don’t test the temperature of the water with your hands or feet. Use your elbow instead, because nerve damage can affect sensation in your hands, too. Do not soak your feet. Don’t forget to thoroughly dry your feet well, even between the toes.

Orthopedic shoes for both men and women are often wider and deeper than regular shoes, to make room for special therapeutic shoe inserts. The shoes should provide an individual with good air circulation. Make sure that the shoe’s toe box is high and durable. The shoe should also be lightweight and seamless to prevent any irritation like calluses, infection or blisters.

Set some time aside to check your feet every day for sores, blisters, redness, or calluses. If you experience any of these issues, be sure to tell your doctor about them during your regular visit. If you notice anything in between your office discussions, and the situation gets worse, contact your doctor right away. Follow your health care provider’s advice regarding nutrition, exercise, and medication. Keep your blood sugar level within the range recommended by your doctor.

It is going to take some diligence and a lot of effort, but the payoff will be well worth it with the increased quality of life.

College Students with Diabetes

Living with diabetes isn’t easy no matter how you look at it. Regardless of age or gender, there are plenty of additional considerations that people need to think about. The same can be said about students in college. Education after high school is an important part of a young person’s life, and so much development occurs during this time. But can you recall how hesitant young adults can be at this point in their life? Fitting in and making friends, all while doing well in school can take a significant emotional toll on a person.

Now, add those two things together, and…wow. Imagine being in college, with diabetes. Well, for thousands of students out there, they don’t need to imagine it, because they’re living it. That’s why we love this article. It’s titled “Support for college students with diabetes” and is a great read. It does a great job in pushing to raise awareness.

Hush Puppies Shoes for Men

You know we’re all about comfortable shoes. We’re always on the search for new comfort footwear. We’re happy to open 2015 with a bang, and a new line of shoes from Hush Puppies. The premium materials combine to make the perfect mix of quality and comfort in each pair. We have a couple of pairs that we want to feature. First off, the Hush Puppies Shoes Men’s Gil which feature a genuine leather upper with moc toe design. A single hook-and-loop strap across the instep secures the foot and creates a wide opening for easy on and off. Next, we have the Hush Puppies Men’s Glen. The padded tongue and collar on this shoe creates a plush environment while fabric linings help to wick away moisture. These orthopedic shoes are approved for diabetic use and are equipped with a full length, EVA contoured footbed that can also be removed to fit personal orthotics. If you’ve tried a pair, you already know. If you haven’t, give them a shot. You won’t regret it.

Make a Commitment to Health

We’re a few short days away from 2015, and I’m sure that many of you have your New Year’s Resolution ready to go. It’s a big commitment, and undoubtedly takes discipline to stick to. If we can make stronger movements to improve our health, than living longer, healthier, and happier is the ultimate motivation. It’s very tough to go cold turkey, so cheat days are important. Whether you need a rest day if you’re committing to more exercise, or a splurge meal on a healthier diet, you need to keep yourself sane, and happy. So this is it, let’s close out 2014 with a bang, and make 2015 our healthiest year yet!

Prevent or Manage Diabetes with Your Smartphone

There is a great article on the Huffington Post today called “Get Smart: Prevent or Manage Diabetes with Your Smartphone” about great apps for your device to make healthy living easy. The article talks about not only prevention and healthy living, but also diabetes management. Here is a blurb from the article:

“This mobile device is ubiquitous today; as the old American Express ad says, we “don’t leave home without it.” Of course, not everyone has one, but for many people, a smartphone can be a terrific tool to help prevent diabetes, or manage the disease and prevent complications for those who already have it. Below are some of my favorite downloadable programs, or apps, and ways to make your smartphone work for and motivate you in the pursuit of healthful living and diabetes management.”

It’s never too early to start a new year’s resolution. Let’s all take steps together to enjoy a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle.

Holiday Savings: Take $20 Off of Your Order

It’s the season for giving and togetherness, but the bottom line is that holidays are stressful. Holidays are expensive. Holidays nerve-racking. But not everything about the season has to be that way. We want to help by making things a bit easier. We’re giving you $20 off of your order of $150 or more by using the promo code “20off” at checkout. This promotion expires at the end of December, but don’t wait, order today and take advantage of the savings and get your items in time for Christmas.

Diabetic Shoes HuB holiday offer

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