Children with Diabetes

I found a great website called Children with Diabetes. Children with Diabetis is a great site about…you guessed it, children with diabetes. The web pages are dedicated to developing and increasing the awareness of diabetes, especially in children. There is a lot of good information for the families of children with diabetes so the environment of the children can remain supportive and positive. Children with Diabetes Inc. has also recently joined the Johnson and Johnson family of companies as part of the Diabetes Franchise. Take a gander at the site when you get a second.

2 Responses to “Children with Diabetes”

  1. jettroll Says:

    I know how diabetics can suffer…. They have bad appetite , they’re tired a lot, and even have blurry vision. Very often they get depressed & can’t just eat what they want….
    I even hard to envisage how difficult it is for children to carry the disease, when even some adults cannot cope with this …

  2. annyline Says:

    Yeah this disease is really terrible, specially for children… as for me, parents should do their best to make their life easy…

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