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Check the blogroll. I just added a pretty cool blog called the diabetes blog. It is a very informative blog dedicated to those who have been diagnosed with diabetes, the families of those who have been diagnosed with diabetes, and those who treat diabetic patients. There is a lot of good information for increased diabetic awareness.

2 Responses to “The Blog”

  1. johnlam Says:

    Very nice, I like what you guys are doing in promoting diabetes awareness. What many people don’t know is that the Chinese are 50% more likely to develop diabetes when compared to other ethnicities… a fact widely unknown here in Thailand, where many of Chinese descent reside. The problem is becoming evident, especially with the growth in the Asian economy — people here are leading unhealthier diets. Do you guys ship international? I might know a few people interested here in Bangkok.

  2. dgkwong Says:

    Unfortunately, we are not going to do international shipping right away John. We plan on pursuing that path but are unsure as to when that will happen. We will keep you informed. Thanks.

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