Lynco L220 Conform Shoe Insoles

The Lynco Conform L220 Shoe Inserts have a proven track record of success for support and comfort for the diabetic foot or the hypersensitive arthritic foot. The Lynco L220 feature a molded Pedic core and a ThermoSKY EVA bottom for superior resilience and shock absorption.

Lycno L220 Conform Shoe Inserts

Lycno L220 Conform Shoe Inserts

The Lynco Orthotics customize to your feet for personalized comfort and protection. But that’s not all…These Lynco Shoe Inserts now ship for free! We’ve been able to reduce the shipping cost and we wanted to pass down the savings to you guys. Thank you for your continued support.

Professional NBA player Adam Morrison inspires

Being a leader in his college years at not only Gonzaga University but the entire NCAA, Adam Morrison has left his mark in the basketball world. He is now playing for the Charlotte Bobcats and was the 3rd overall pick in the 2006 NBA draft. If you watch ESPN, chances are you have heard of this guy. Here is something you may not know about him though, he was diagnosed with diabetes in the 8th grade.

At the age of 13, Adam was playing in a game that went into overtime and began displaying seizer-like symptoms. It was then that he was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with diabetes. Despite this news, it had never stopped him from working hard and achieving his dream to play in the NBA. His next goal of an NBA championship may not be that far off with his heart and attitude.

Alternative Treatment for Diabetes

Being from the orient, I am a firm believer in the aspects and healings associated with alternative treatment. I am for a little bit of acupuncture and ever since I began taking Kung Fu classes I have done my best to avoid taking any medication. I believe the power of tai chi and the mental benefits you can gain from the practice can boost your health in exponential amounts. The same is true for those diagnosed with diabetes. Yoga, tai chi, aromatherapy and many other techniques have been used as alternative medicines to diabetes. By alternative I am simply saying that they are methods that differ from the conventional western techniques that the United States is used to. I am not saying either is better than the other, but if you care to, I suggest exploring your options. There are a few items that remain constant though, exercise, rest, and a good diet are the keys to success regardless of the type of medicine you employ.

Men’s Aetrex Biomechanical Ambulator

As you already know, Aetrex Ambulator shoes have been a favorite because of their sturdiness, support, and unmatched comfort. Aetrex footwear is designed specifically to address the biomechanics of human walking, by limiting stress at the areas of the foot most susceptible to pain. These Aetrex Biomechanical Ambulator shoes are no exception. The Aetrex Ambulator Biomechanical footwear features multiple removable insoles for triple depth and fitting flexibility, hidden depth rocker soles, firm heel counters, high toe boxes, and much more. With all of these features bundled into one pair of footwear, how can you go wrong?

Aetrex Men’s Y900 Walking Shoes

Now here is a great shoe that has proven itself day in and day out. The Aetrex Y900 Men’s Lace-up Walker is a favorite among the community. The Aetrex Y900 shoes combine the latest developments in pedorthics with a state-of-the-art shoe design. The orthopedic footwear offers a combination of stability, control and cushioning not found in any other line of diabetic walking shoes.

Aetrex Men's Y900 Lace-Up Shoes

Aetrex Men's Y900 Lace-Up Shoes

The Aetrex Y900 Walking Shoes are from the Ariya collection of Aetrex. The Ariya Collection is crafted from the finest full grain leathers and technologically advanced fabrics available. All Ariya materials are light weight, soft and provide unmatched comfort. The outsole features high quality polyurethane to provide light weight resiliency and shock absorption.

American Diabetes Month in November 2008

Sure it’s a little ways away, but then again, if you think about it November is just around the corner. What’s great is that November is a great time of the year to look forward to.  Of course there is the great Thanksgiving gathering on the last Thursday of the month, but this is something else altogether.  This is another gathering with a larger family.  Every November is American Diabetes Month encouraging everyone to get involved and help others understand the complexities associated with diabetes. People are encouraged to get out and participate in events in order to help us all understand diabetes a little bit more. In the past, each week has had a different focus on the impact of diabetes in millions of Americans.

Like I said, it’s just around the corner so let’s get ready to come together and get the word out.

SmartKnit Seamless Diabetic Socks

In response to a recent comment on a popular post about diabetes foot care that was written back in May, we are featuring the supportive and comfortable SmartKnit seamless diabetic socks in today’s post. The SmartKnit socks are a favorite among those who seek a sock that fit like a second skin that is completely free of any seams. The Seamless orthopedic socks are made with CoolMax technology and are much more effective in moisture management than natural fibers like cotton. CoolMax is a four-channel wicking fiber treated with an antimicrobial finish for superior moisture management. These socks don’t fade, shrink, or wrinkle. There is zero compression and circulation restriction so you can go about your day and worry about the things that truly matter like spending time with your loved ones.