SmartKnit Seamless Diabetic Socks

In response to a recent comment on a popular post about diabetes foot care that was written back in May, we are featuring the supportive and comfortable SmartKnit seamless diabetic socks in today’s post. The SmartKnit socks are a favorite among those who seek a sock that fit like a second skin that is completely free of any seams. The Seamless orthopedic socks are made with CoolMax technology and are much more effective in moisture management than natural fibers like cotton. CoolMax is a four-channel wicking fiber treated with an antimicrobial finish for superior moisture management. These socks don’t fade, shrink, or wrinkle. There is zero compression and circulation restriction so you can go about your day and worry about the things that truly matter like spending time with your loved ones.

Diabetes in Dogs

Humans aren’t the only ones susceptible to diabetes. Our furry little friends known as “man’s best friend” can be diagnosed with the same disease. There is a great article on explaining How you can detect diabetes in your dog. There are many potentially serious health problems with diabetes in dogs and owners must be attentive to their pup’s well-being so they can seek professional care at the earliest signs of sickness or decline, and before serious damage is done. The common age for dogs diagnosed with diabetes is five to seven years but juvenile diabetes is possible.

There is no cure for diabetes so the trick is to simply keep your dog healthy. Look out for signs of obesity and take your dogs on walks as often as you can. I like to take my puppies to local dog parks for some physical activity as well as socialization.