Alternative Treatment for Diabetes

Being from the orient, I am a firm believer in the aspects and healings associated with alternative treatment. I am for a little bit of acupuncture and ever since I began taking Kung Fu classes I have done my best to avoid taking any medication. I believe the power of tai chi and the mental benefits you can gain from the practice can boost your health in exponential amounts. The same is true for those diagnosed with diabetes. Yoga, tai chi, aromatherapy and many other techniques have been used as alternative medicines to diabetes. By alternative I am simply saying that they are methods that differ from the conventional western techniques that the United States is used to. I am not saying either is better than the other, but if you care to, I suggest exploring your options. There are a few items that remain constant though, exercise, rest, and a good diet are the keys to success regardless of the type of medicine you employ.


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