Eating in with diabetes

Of course, if you don’t always have the money to eat out there are still some great options for meals at the house that won’t break your wallet. There are quite a few diabetic recipes listed on the website. The recipes are for delicious tasting foods no matter what your eating preferences are. The list includes all things from appetizers, to desserts, to soups and everything in between. Odds are that it may take you quite a while to get through this list so if you’re on a diabetic diet, this recipe list is definitely something to check out.

Eating Out with Diabetes

So you want to go out for a great night on the town with your significant other or maybe you just want to meet up with some friends at the new local restaurant in town that everyone is raving about. It’s no secret that people enjoy going out and having a good time. Most people think that diabetics are put on a strict diet and can’t enjoy the dining that the nightlife has to offer. Well those folks are dead wrong. With a few simple tips and a little bit of planning, the weekly dinners can become a regular thing again.

While eating out, diabetics should pay attention to their salt-intake. Here are a few simple tips to enjoy a meal without risking your health.

  • For appetizers, stay away from the fried foods, soups, and rolls. Instead go for the fresh fruit or vegtables.
  • If you’re getting a salad say no to the cheese get your dressing on the side, that way, you can control how much you use.
  • For the main dish, stay as plain as possible. I’m not talking about the flavor, I’m literally talking about the cooking process. Go for the fish (not fried of course) or the roasted meat. Get the steamed veggies instead of the mashed potatoes.
  • Always ask the server if the food can be prepared without MSG (monosodium glutamate).

These simple tips along with smaller portions and good judgment will always equate to a good time.

Aetrex Essence Mary Jane Shoes – Aetrex E360

The Aetrex Essence Comfort Mary Jane line of footwear is designed to meet the demands of both fashion and function. Here is a pair of shoes that are made of luxuriously soft full grain leather and incorporates linings made with moisture transferring polyester fabric for maximum comfort and breathability. The Aetrex Essence Mary Jane E360 diabetic shoes keep feet healthy, cool, and dry.

Aetrex Essence E360 Mary Jane

Aetrex Essence E360 Mary Jane

Isn’t it time for women’s casual shoes to feel as good as they look? Well now the Essence Collection from Aetrex incorporates many features to help prevent heel slippage, including soft padded collars, firm heel counters and a unique polyurethane outsole that flexes properly at the ball-of-foot. In addition, the shoes are made on Aetrex’s Essence last which is designed to hold the heel in place while providing a roomy toe area for maximum forefoot comfort.

November is Just Around the Corner

Can you believe we’re already halfway through October? This month (not to mention this year) have flown by so fast. It’s an exciting time with the Holidays and family fun on the horizon. But another thing to look forward to is American Diabetes Month. As I’ve mentioned before, American Diabetes Month is a month for us to get the word out and educate others about the disease. It also helps you to understand diabetes a little bit more which can make things more manageable. This article on the Preferred Care website helps to give some great information on diabetes. Preferred Care encourages people to work with their local doctors minimize the risks involved. The page also outlines the top ten myths about diabetes from the American Diabetes Association.

Aetrex Running Shoes – Aetrex X521 Lenex Shoe

As we’ve mentioned before on the Diabetic Shoes HuB website, a healthy lifestyle with is imperative to the health of a diabetic. Diabetics suffer from an increased rate of foot problems and the most common complication resulting in hospitalization. By wearing the correct Diabetic shoe during exercise, it is possible to avoid foot complications before they start. The Aetrex Diabetic Running Shoes have come to be a popular model with it’s stylish design and supportive fit. Wearing styles of these orthopedic shoes include cross trainers, runners and walkers. The Aetrex X521 shoes come from the Lenex line of orthopedic shoes and offer a combination of stability, control and cushioning not found in any other line of medical shoes.  To find out more, visit our website today and let us know if you have any questions.

Aetrex X903 Lenex Diabetic Walker

The Aetrex line of orthopedic shoes have come out with another dependable shoe with a state-of-the-art stylish design with maximum stability, control and cushioning. The Aetrex X903 Lenex Walker for Men combines the latest developments in pedorthics. These orthopedic shoes were engineered specifically for cross-trainers, runners, and even casual walkers. They provide equal distribution of pressure throughout the gait cycle while maintaining the highest standards in comfort, breathability, and overall support.

Aetrex X903 Lenex Shoe for Men

Aetrex X903 Lenex Shoe for Men

The Aetrex Lenex shoes are made from technologically advance leathers, polyurethanes and moisture transferring polyesters to keep the foot in a healthy cool environment. The Lenex line of shoes was engineered with a multi-density midsole features a Carboplast foot bridge for motion control and stability. The highly slip resistant Lenex outsole provides traction and durability.

Sit and Be Fit – A Diabetes Workout

If it’s a bit chilly outside or you’re experiencing a white snow scene, you still have a great workout option from the comfort of your own home. The program Sit and Be Fit is a program designed for anyone who prefers to workout while sitting down. Sit and Be Fit has been proven as a quality diabetes workout to improve circulation, increase muscular flexibility, and muscular tone. I strongly encourage you to try the program and see if it works for you. It is a great alternative to a walking workout.