ClubPed – Small Steps Leading to Big Rewards

I could go on forever about the benefits of adopting an exercise program (as you can probably tell from my previous posts) and the positive achievements your mind and body can attain. Just getting started is most often the hardest thing to do but taking a regular stroll around the neighborhood is a great change of scenery. To help you adopt a simple walking exercise program, the American Diabetes Association has ClubPed to help you get started in tracking your steps to a healthier lifestyle. Once you set your goal ClubPed can help you stay on target to achieving them. So go ahead and get started today, all it takes is a short walk!

The Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association

I cannot begin to stress the importance of a regular fitness routine and the benefits it can have on anyone’s health, regardless of diabetes diagnosis. It’s no secret that regular workouts can increase your energy while decreasing unhealthy weight. For diabetics there is an extra resource available to help you jump-start your workout routine called the Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association. The association exists in order to help individuals with diabetes achieve their goals and enhance their quality of life through physical fitness. Exercise and participation can lead to happier, healthier years and a more confident attitude. The Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association is truly great in assisting those that have been diagnosed to participate in a broad range of activities meant to boost physical, as well as mental health.