Happy Holidays to All

I just wanted to write and wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season on this Christmas eve. Posts will be limited these next few days due to spending time with family and enjoying the Holiday spirit. It’s always a great time of the year to take a step back and think about the positives in life. Sure the economy may not be working in our favor now, but if you have your health and good friends, what more can you ask for? This is not a time to wish and want, it is a time to give and be thankful for. And with that we at the Diabetic Shoes HuB would love to say thank you again and we wish you a great and lucrative 2009.

Holiday Promotion Reminder

This is just a quick reminder that there is still time to save during the Holiday season with the promotion at the Diabetic Shoes HuB. You can still receive an extra $3 off of your order plus the standard free shipping for any order over $99! Don’t miss out on this special offer and take advantage of the savings today!

Pedors 3P Diabetic Dress Socks

The greatest accessory for this Holiday season have been the Pedors 3P orthopedic socks. The Pedors diabetic dress socks are lightweight and seamless. The socks help users to increase comfort in any shoe by reducing frictional forces encountered in the shoe. They are constructed with a non-restrictive and non-ribbed top, with a completely seamless toe area.

The shoes are one of the newest items on the HuB, yet with their great price and supreme comfort, the Pedors socks have quickly climbed to the ‘best sellers’ list. Orthopedic accessories are the perfect gift and although it may be late to order by Christmas time for standard shipping, they are a good thing to keep in mind throughout the year.

Go ahead, take a breath and relax

Daily meditation has a strong connection with health and calmness. Taking time to breath deeply and clear your mind can give you significant health changes. Aside from the increase in lung capacity, the mental focus, and the calmness, daily meditation can also help you to feel more confident. I’m not saying you have to meditate for five hours a day until you begin to levitate. It’s as simple as taking five minutes a day and sitting in your chair even, to just close your eyes and begin to breath deeply. The deepness of breath comes from below in your stomach, not your chest. After all, one deep breath with a 6-12 second inhale and an equally long exhale, can do more for your body and cardio system than many short, shallow breaths. There are many many types of mediation including yoga and tai chi, but no matter what you practice, just be sure to take that five minutes per day to breath deeply and clear your mind. You owe it to yourself.

Holiday Desserts

What are the holidays without some great treats to enjoy them? Everyone remembers the warm brownies and delicious cookies mom used to pull out of the oven while the snow fell in the yard. Well now that we’re all older, eating healthy is more important than ever. Now just because you’re a diabetic doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great crustless pumpkin pie or a chocolate banana parfait. The site diabetic-recipes.com has the recipes for a ton of great diabetic desserts so you can enjoy all aspects of the holidays. The great thing is that when the holidays are over, you can still enjoy some scrumptious apple cobbler. There is enough to try on this page to keep you busy for quite a long time.

Thank you so much for your support

We at the HuB would just like to wish all of you the most Merry of Holidays this season. Your support and interest in our products has allowed us to be able to present our wide selection of products at such competitive prices. We believe if supreme customer service and leaving you with a little but of extra cash in your wallet. We’re looking forward to a great 2009 and although some say it looks grim, I think things are looking up! We’ll do our best to continue to offer the products you need at prices you want. In the meantime, enjoy some time with your family and loved ones and take part in the holiday spirit. There is still sometime left to grab those last minute gifts.

Diabetes in Hollywood Revisited

I just need to send a shout-out to an seo gal for the link love that she sent to the HuB. The blogger carried on our theme of last month’s diabetic celebrity electronic catalogs. The post mentioned a brand-new pair of Pedors orthopedic shoes, the Pedors Women’s Stretch Walkers to be exact. Whoever you are seo gal, thanks a lot and keep up the great writing.

Pedors Orthopedic Accessories

We have just added three additional items to the HuB from the Pedors line. We started off with the popular Pedors seamless orthopedic socks and the Pedors diabetic dress socks. The socks from Pedors are versatile and comfortable to ensure a supportive fit that won’t be rough on your feet. They are the perfect socks for anyone suffuring from diabetes or arthritis type foot problems.

Did you know that Pedors has an insole as well? The Pedors shoe insert is easily customizable and moldable for a proper fit to any foot. These shoe inserts use state of the art materials and manufacturing techniques so you know you’re getting a quality insole.

Diabetes Cookbooks

With everyone trying to save money these days, it’s been the general consensus for many families to stay at home and cook. I heard that cookbooks were flying off of the shelf in the past few months. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with diabetes, a great stocking-stuffer would be diabetes cookbooks. The cookbooks provide the perfect mix of health and good taste. Check the link above and browse the preferred books from the American Diabetic Association.

Safe and Secure Shopping with McAfee Security

Shopping online can be an uneasy experience with so many identity theft stories and potential hackers out there. Luckily, the HuB is now McAfee secured so you know that your payment information is 100% protected. I know that personally, the instant comfort that comes from secured websites is a huge relief if they carry something that I need at a decent price. Now with the Holidays near, many shady characters out there may be in the business for a quick buck, but the HuB is here to stay and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Holiday Savings with The Diabetic Shoes HuB Promotion

And now (or last Friday rather) is the official start-date of the Holiday shopping season. As for our promotion, we are running one that will help to keep money in your wallets this year. Starting today, you will get an additional $3 off of your order along with the free shipping for any order over $99. That’s right, you’ll get the standard free shipping plus an extra $3 to keep for your orthopedic shoes and accessories. So come over to the site and check out our top-sellers along with our newly added line of Pedors footwear.