Go ahead, take a breath and relax

Daily meditation has a strong connection with health and calmness. Taking time to breath deeply and clear your mind can give you significant health changes. Aside from the increase in lung capacity, the mental focus, and the calmness, daily meditation can also help you to feel more confident. I’m not saying you have to meditate for five hours a day until you begin to levitate. It’s as simple as taking five minutes a day and sitting in your chair even, to just close your eyes and begin to breath deeply. The deepness of breath comes from below in your stomach, not your chest. After all, one deep breath with a 6-12 second inhale and an equally long exhale, can do more for your body and cardio system than many short, shallow breaths. There are many many types of mediation including yoga and tai chi, but no matter what you practice, just be sure to take that five minutes per day to breath deeply and clear your mind. You owe it to yourself.