Product Additions – New Shoe Insoles Part 1

We decided to start off the new year by adding more products to give you a larger selection of insoles. Our wide variety has something for everyone. Whether your primary concern in shoe insoles is support, cushioning, or customization, we are constantly adding inserts to fit the needs of our growing customer base. To start things off, we have the Freedom Hi Impact Accommodator Insoles which withstand repeated impact and provide maximum protection against heel strike forces. We also have have the Accommodator Orthotic Insoles from Freedom as well. This insole is the softest half sole orthotic in the Freedom Orthotics line. If you’re looking for a more customized fit in your favorite pair of shoes, we now have the adjustable heel lifts. The shoe lifts have three 1/8″ resilient rubber layers which are tapered for wearer comfort. Keep an eye out for part two of our product updates coming soon.