Product Additions – New Shoe Insoles Part 2

So for the second part of the additions, we wanted to make sure we added some insoles that could take a beating. That’s why we’ve added the highly supportive spenco performance gel insoles to the mix. These gel insoles are so durable that they are often used in athletic shoes. They’ve been held tried and true to stand up to the toughest basketball game and longest trail jog. The insoles also help to reduce those annoying blisters and calluses that you may get from a long day of wear and tear on your feet. From there, we also wanted to make sure we had something for those that are constantly feeling heel pain in their everyday walk to the office. The gel therapy insoles are diverse enough to wear in your everyday shoes as well. These spenco gel shoe insoles withstand repeated impact against the most demanding activities to make sure you get through your day without foot pain.