Product Additions – New Shoe Insoles Part 3 – Viscoelastic Edition

For part three of our shoe insole product additions, we are featuring our viscoelastic shoe inserts. According to Wikipedia, viscoelastic is defined as “..the property of materials that exhibit both viscous and elastic characteristics when undergoing deformation” Alright, so what does that mean? Basically it means that it is more durable than your average insole. The Freedom viscoelastic accommodator insoles are no exception to the rule. These insoles create a shape that flexes and flows with foot movement so you know that comfort will not be compromised. For women, we have the viscoelastic women’s pump inserts to finally solve the problem between pain and high heels. The shoe inserts are molded to reduce heel pressure but perhaps the best feature in these inserts is the economic price and use as they are diverse enough to use in several pairs of shoes. Finally, for those that aren’t seeking a full insole but are still seeking the benefits of viscoelastic technology, we have added the viscoelastic heel cups which dampen and dissipate shock forces in the heel. They be placed on wedges or glued in place. The heel cups are the ultimate shoe insert to optimize shock absorption and weight distribution in your shoes.

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