Great Start to a Year So Far

2009 has been a wild ride so far, but with so many things happening I must say that attitude plays an important role in your emotions during these (and actually at all) times. I recently met someone that was always happy, always smiling. He wasn’t the most coordinated person and was at times, just plain goofy. Not exactly the type of guy the popular kids wanted to hang out with in high school.

One day we bumped into each other, and he started up with his joyous laugh telling me how great of a day it is. I had to tell him that I greatly respected his attitude. Suddenly, he got a little serious. Talk about a change of character (in a good way). He then went on to explain that he was in the Vietnam war and to paraphrase (for the sake of time) the person in front of him had stepped on an explosive. As he held his friend, a life ended. “From that day on”, he said “if I’m alive, I’m lucky and I’m sure as hell happy.” That was the greatest news of the decade!

So the reason why I’m writing this is because we should all think that regardless of our economic situation or physical health conditions, we should savor and cherish every moment that we are alive. We need to make the most of these times that we are sharing with each other.