It’s Time to Exercise, Right?

Ideally, daily exercise is the best situation for anyone regardless of health status but if you’re just starting out, you don’t want to put your body through over-kill in the first three days. If you’re just starting a workout regimen, start slow, start easy, just make sure you get started. Now if you get sore after the first couple of sessions, it’s extremely important to get motivated to get out there again. I’m telling you, that’s the hardest part, just getting out when you’re sore.

I’ll be away from my computer for a few days because I’m heading to Santa Clara for Search Marketing Expo West. It will be a fun time but expect some posts early next week. Until then, keep active and check the HuB for product updates.

Peyton Manning’s Prank on Jay Cutler

In case you hadn’t heard the news yet, here’s a funny joke that wasn’t funny after-all, but then, it was again. In a Pro-Bowl initiation stunt, The Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning threw what he thought was Jay Cutler’s cell phone into the pool. The only problem was, that the device happened to be Jay’s diabetes monitor. Peyton and the gang had attempted to “haze” the first-time pro-bowler but as pointed out earlier in the week, the prank turned into a serious matter, for a moment at least. Things ended up being alright as Jay made a few calls and was able to find a replacement within an hour. See, even celebrities with diabetes catch the heat.

Product Updates – Vasyli Sandals for Women

We can’t forget about the comfortable airy shoes for women now can we? The Vasyli Sandals for women are constructed with the same quality and durability in mind that made the Vasyli Medical name a trusted brand in the orthopedic world. We’ll start off today’s post outlining the ever-so-popular Women’s Vasyli Wave Sandals in Blue, the Women’s Vasyli Wave Sandals in Khaki, and don’t forget the Women’s Vasyli Wave Sandals in Black. Just like the men’s versions, the Wave Sandals are a flip-flop styled sandal with a contoured foot bed to provide all day comfort. Other styles new to the mix are the Vasyli Slide Sandals for Women in Black and the Womens Vasyli Slide Sandals in Tan. The slide sandals don’t have a toe separator, but still have an adjustable hook and loop strap for customized comfort. Finally, we have added the Adjustable Vasyli Sandals for Women. These sandals feature fully customizable support with adjustable forefoot and heel straps. We are proud to have the Vasyli Sandals on board here at the HuB, but keep your eyes peeled for more product updates coming soon!

New Product Additions – Men’s Vasyli Sandals

Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to get ready for the season than some comfy open-toed shoes. The HuB is proud to announce that we have recently added new men’s sandals from Vasyli Medical. First off, we have the Vasyli Trek Sandals for men with adjustable heel and forefoot straps for a truly customized fit. Then, for the beach look, we have also added the Men’s Vasyli Wave Sandals in Black, the Men’s Vasyli Wave Sandals in Khaki, and the Men’s Vasyli Wave Sandals in Blue. The men’s wave sandals are a flip-flop style thong sandal which help to reduce excessive pronation. Then, for the more sporty types, we also have the Vasyli Slide Sandals for Men in Black as well as the Vasyli Slide Sandals for Men in Tan. The sport slide sandals have a slip resistant durable rubber outsole. These sandals were built with comfort and support in mind as all Vasyli sandals are recommended for patients suffering from plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, shin splints and heel spurs. The best part of these sandals though, is their durability for everyday support and comfort.

Diabetes and Diabetic Footcare

In an effort to be the most comprehensive (or at least one of the most comprehensive) blog(s) online, we scoured the internet and came across an interesting site with some great information regarding diabetes and arthritic related foot problems. The site Podiatry Channel has a great overview of diabetes in general as well as some tips for diabetic footwear. If you suffer from diabetes, one of the many things you can do to protect your feet is schedule regular check-ups with your doctor to make sure and catch any immediate problems before they get too serious. Also, be sure to scrub and clean your feet thoroughly on a daily basis. Cleanliness is a must.

Super Bowl Snack Tips

So the day of the big game is here and of course, many (my girlfriend especially) look at the Super Bowl as more of a gathering event than a culmination of a season of ups and downs. Regardless of your reasons for meeting up, every social event has to have a few snacks to satisfy the crowds and gatherings. Now if you’re a diabetic, that doesn’t mean that you’re not included either. An article in Readers Digest lays out 15 diabetic-friendly snack tips for anyone to enjoy. Some tips include the simpler things like enjoying some of the raw veggies that are on the food table and stay away from the low-fat foods. Now you can enjoy the hits, or the conversations while you’re enjoying a great tasting snack that you know is on the healthier side of things.