New Products – Drew Delite from Drew Shoes

It’s that time again. We have added a new line of shoes to the women’s line of medical shoes from the world-known manufacturer, Drew Shoe. To start things off for this round of new shoes, we have added the Drew Delite in black which is darker version of the comfortable, stylish Mary Jane shoes. Along with the black, we also have the Drew Delite in green and white, the Drew Delite in nude, and last but not least, the Drew Delite in silver. Drew Shoes says that these are their best orthopedic shoes yet. Keep your eye out for more colors in this popular shoe model.

The Importance of Proper Breathing to your Health

I’ve heard that when we are in the womb, we inhale and the stomach expands and exhale as the stomach then contracts. As we get older however, our body picks up bad habits and for some reason, we begin to inhale and push out our chest while we suck in our stomach. I don’t know about you, but that feels oddly unnatural to me. In Kung Fu class, we are taught to inhale as we expand our stomach filling our core with air as we then exhale and contract or suck our stomachs in. I also just recently learned that the exhale is possibly the most important aspect because it teaches breath control. Now how can you expect to control your life, (or at least get a better hold of it) if you can’t control your breath?

Breathing is very important to your health. As I’ve said before time and again, in increase of oxygen can increase neuro-pathways (not sure if that’s spelled right) in your brain and the deeper the breath, the more of an internal massage your body gets. Take a step back and think, what do we need besides food, water, and sleep to live? Oxygen. Why is it that muscles get sore? It is because they lack water and…oxygen. So if that is the case, don’t you think that the more oxygen you get, the better?

What is going to happen to Jay Cutler

Wow, talk about a mess. If you haven’t been following the NFL during the off-season, Pro-Bowler Jay Cutler who was diagnosed with diabetes last season, is now in a pickle with his Denver Broncos team. The team fired his former coach at the end of the season last year and brought on Josh McDaniels who apparently carries a ton of luggage full of trouble. Oh, other news, McDaniels instigated Matt Cassel’s trade Kansas City which was supposed to be a three way trade involving Cutler. This really raised my eye as Cassel was the man who stepped in for New England last year after their star QB went down in the first regular season game. It’ll be interesting to see what happens but Cutler wants out and I don’t blame him. A Pro-bowl quarterback in only his third season shouldn’t have to deal with that garbage. After putting up with this kind of drama, handling his diabetes should be a breeze.

Drew Elite Oxfords for Women – Part 2

Hello world, in response to all of the great feedback that we’ve received for the first Elite oxfords from Drew Shoes, we’ve added four more colors of these stylish shoes. The Drew Elite for women in white and wine nubuck, the Drew Elite for women in brown nubuck, and the Drew Elite for women in bone nubuck are ready and waiting to fly off of the shelf as soon as the spring and summer months roll into full swing. For now though, we still have the Drew Elite for women in black nubuck to accessories your winter outfits in the colder parts of the country. These shoes are simply supportive and comfortable, in fact, they’re so popular, Drew Shoe decided to make them in many many colors to answer the demand.

New Products at The HuB – Drew Shoes Elite Oxford

It’s that time again and with the website upgrade and enhanced user experience, we thought heck, let’s put up the products from the manufacturer that everyone in the community recognizes. We have established a partnership with Drew Shoe and now we’re uploading them onto the site to offer them to you at competitive prices on a site that has an enhanced customer experience. We only have a handful so far, but to get you started, we have the Drew Elite Drew Shoes for women, white and lime and the Drew Elite Drew Shoes for women, white and blue for a stylish orthopedic shoe in white with a dash of personality. If you’re into the all white look for footwear, we also have the Drew Elite Drew Shoes for women in plain white. If anyone prefers a shoe with a darker shade, we have also added the Drew Elite Drew Shoes for women in black and grey nubuck. All Elite oxfords for women have a sueded counter pocket to reduce heel slippage for additional support. Keep an eye out on this blog as well as the HuB site for additional products to be added very shortly.

Site upgrades

For those of you who have visited the site over the weekend, you know that we have recently undergone some website updates. We sincerely apologize for any difficulty/inconvenience this may have caused but our load time has increase and now, our pages display in less than half the time they did before. This means your user experience on the site is much better than it was before. We hope that with your continued feedback, we can make these kind of technology upgrades on a regular basis to make your experience on our website more enjoyable.

Arizona Beagle Fest 2009

I just got back from one of the coolest events put on by the Arizona Humane Society in Phoenix. It was the Arizona Beagle Fest and aside from going and interacting with other loving dog owners, we had the chance to see a ton of rescued beagles who were on the road to getting put down. It was great talking with all of the loving families. One thing about beagles though, is that they are prone to being a bit overweight. The beagle fest had dogs of all shapes and sizes and the importance of your pup’s health rides on your responsibility to be a good dog owner. Daily exercise not only helps you to bond, but also helps to make sure a diabetic canine is not a part of your household.

Warming in March

Not sure if you’ve heard, but the weather is reaching some insane levels here in Phoenix. We have already hit 90 degrees which is odd because I know that schools and businesses in the Northeast have had to close because of snowfall. Now the weather in the valley of the sun is only going to get worse so what I would suggest is getting out and enjoying the weather now. What better time of year than Spring to begin a daily morning walk? And if you’re in the Northeast of the United States, a routine of morning push ups and sit ups can go a long way.