What is going to happen to Jay Cutler

Wow, talk about a mess. If you haven’t been following the NFL during the off-season, Pro-Bowler Jay Cutler who was diagnosed with diabetes last season, is now in a pickle with his Denver Broncos team. The team fired his former coach at the end of the season last year and brought on Josh McDaniels who apparently carries a ton of luggage full of trouble. Oh, other news, McDaniels instigated Matt Cassel’s trade Kansas City which was supposed to be a three way trade involving Cutler. This really raised my eye as Cassel was the man who stepped in for New England last year after their star QB went down in the first regular season game. It’ll be interesting to see what happens but Cutler wants out and I don’t blame him. A Pro-bowl quarterback in only his third season shouldn’t have to deal with that garbage. After putting up with this kind of drama, handling his diabetes should be a breeze.