The Importance of Proper Breathing to your Health

I’ve heard that when we are in the womb, we inhale and the stomach expands and exhale as the stomach then contracts. As we get older however, our body picks up bad habits and for some reason, we begin to inhale and push out our chest while we suck in our stomach. I don’t know about you, but that feels oddly unnatural to me. In Kung Fu class, we are taught to inhale as we expand our stomach filling our core with air as we then exhale and contract or suck our stomachs in. I also just recently learned that the exhale is possibly the most important aspect because it teaches breath control. Now how can you expect to control your life, (or at least get a better hold of it) if you can’t control your breath?

Breathing is very important to your health. As I’ve said before time and again, in increase of oxygen can increase neuro-pathways (not sure if that’s spelled right) in your brain and the deeper the breath, the more of an internal massage your body gets. Take a step back and think, what do we need besides food, water, and sleep to live? Oxygen. Why is it that muscles get sore? It is because they lack water and…oxygen. So if that is the case, don’t you think that the more oxygen you get, the better?

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