New Drew Shoes – Men’s Drew Navigator II

And now, onto the men’s selection of therapeutic footwear from Drew Shoes. We have gone out and as you know and we are finding out, there are many many great diabetic shoes for men that Drew has designed and manufactured. Where to start, that was the question, so then we decided, heck, let’s start with the biggest movers and work our way back. Then another problem occurred, many Drew Shoes models for men are phenomenal sellers and there is no weak chain in the link. So, we just did the next best thing to systematically add the shoes, we picked a shoe from line from the catalog and we’re going to move to the end of the list. From there, we’ll start back at the beginning and go until we have them all on the site.

Seriously though, onto business. The first line of the shoes for the men’s line from Drew is the Men’s Navigator II. We have the Drew Navigator II in clay, also known as beige for the spring season. For the darker, more dressy occasion, we have also added the Drew Navigator II in black and the Drew Navigator II in brown. These shoes have a wide, one piece hook and loop closure strap which easily adjusts to any size foot making this the ultimate walking shoe for comfort. If there was ever a shoe built for limited mobility, this is it.