Drew Arlington for Men – New Drew Shoes

The Drew Arlington from Drew is a favorite for men who want a stylish diabetic dress shoe with the therapeutic benefits of the therapeutic Drew Shoe design. For today’s post we are featuring the Drew Shoe Arlington line. This model is a great dress shoe that forms comfort with style. The Arlington shoes were made in two great dress styles, brown, and black. No surprises here huh?

Drew Arlington in Brown from Drew Shoes

Drew Arlington in Brown from Drew Shoes

Drew Arlington in Black from Drew Shoes

Drew Arlington in Black from Drew Shoes

The attractive stitch lines, leather linings, and padded in tongue and collar equate to all day comfort with these Drew Arlington orthopedic shoes.

New Products – Men’s Drew Thunder

Here are some great active shoes from Drew Shoes. They are available in dark and light colors to suit each user and their preferences. The white Drew Thunder is one of the industry’s few athletic shoes with both options for added depth and double added depth in one diabetic shoe. Drew Thunder in black is a darker version of the shoes but both are built with support, comfort, and let’s not forget, the Drew therapeutic design. A rocker bottom with wide a shank adds to the Drew Thunder’s overall comfort and performance. So whether you’re using these for walking, running, or a night on the town you know that your feet will be kept cool and dry.

New Drew Shoes – Men’s Drew Navigator II

And now, onto the men’s selection of therapeutic footwear from Drew Shoes. We have gone out and as you know and we are finding out, there are many many great diabetic shoes for men that Drew has designed and manufactured. Where to start, that was the question, so then we decided, heck, let’s start with the biggest movers and work our way back. Then another problem occurred, many Drew Shoes models for men are phenomenal sellers and there is no weak chain in the link. So, we just did the next best thing to systematically add the shoes, we picked a shoe from line from the catalog and we’re going to move to the end of the list. From there, we’ll start back at the beginning and go until we have them all on the site.

Seriously though, onto business. The first line of the shoes for the men’s line from Drew is the Men’s Navigator II. We have the Drew Navigator II in clay, also known as beige for the spring season. For the darker, more dressy occasion, we have also added the Drew Navigator II in black and the Drew Navigator II in brown. These shoes have a wide, one piece hook and loop closure strap which easily adjusts to any size foot making this the ultimate walking shoe for comfort. If there was ever a shoe built for limited mobility, this is it.

Barefoot Freedom by Drew Excite – New Drew Shoes

It has been a great Easter weekend and to finish it all off right, we got right back to the site and added the Drew Excite shoes for women from Drew Shoes. We’re also adding Men’s shoes as we speak, but that is another blog post altogether. For the Drew Excite, we have added the Barefoot freedom in tan and the Barefoot freedom in black. These diabetic slippers for women have added depth and removable insoles which means added comfort and room for prescribed orthotics. The Drew Excite shoes, like the rest of the Drew Shoes line, form a solid bond of function, fashion, and comfort. Keep your eye out for men’s shoes to be showing up on the site very shortly.

Drew Delite product additions – We’re not through yet

So Drew had just let us know that these hot sellers keep flying off of the shelf and that is why they have such a great variety of colors to choose from. They kept making them, so we kept putting them out, and it looks like you guys are loving them. Again we appreciate your support and would love to hear feedback if we are missing something you would like us to carry. We’ll do our best to offer them at the most competitive price possible. But for now, back to the Drew Delite shoes. We have added the Drew Delite in Black Stretch which are very similar to the mesh version, except this Mary Jane shoe adds a sense of flash with it’s shine. There is also a Drew Delite Mary Jane shoe in Grey and just like the other Delite models, the grey offers a strong and flexible, lightweight polyurethane outsole to ensure that your feet have maximum breathability. Drew Shoes are all about comfort and the Drew Delite shoes are no exception.

Jay Cutler is going to the Chicago Bears

So I know it’s old news to some, but a young pro-bowler quarterback who is a role model in the diabetic community is leaving his original town. Yes Jay Cutler is off to the Bears because of a coaching mishap with the new head of the Denver Broncos. Personally, I think move will come back to bite Denver in the behind and their coach definitely came into the club on the wrong foot. Good news for Urlacher and company though. I guess we’ll all be seeing more of Da Bears in the years to come.

Drew Delite from Drew Shoes – Part 2

For part two of this two part series featuring the Drew Delite shoes from Drew Shoes, we are featuring colors that are more spring friendly. The white Drew Delite have spring and summer written all over them. And for your ladies, we also have the Drew Delite in pink and the purple and white Drew Delite mary jane shoes from Drew Shoes. The added depth and removable insoles mean added comfort and room for prescribed orthotics with these Drew Shoe Delites. And last but not least, we also have the Drew Delite in green and white which, just like the other Delite models, have a sueded counter pocket reduces to heel slippage. Save on these and more orthopedic footwear at the Diabetic Shoes HuB.