Diabetic Diet- Can These Food Prevent Diabetes?

I saw an interesting article on the homepage of MSN.com and I just figured it was pretty relevant to the content of this blog. We always talk about how our shoes and socks had benefits for anyone suffering from diabetes, but truly, it starts with diet, exercise, and a full night of rest on a consistent basis. Now I always harp on the fact that taking a simple walk on a regular basis will do so I’ll spare you on that end for now. The other piece of the pie has to do with what you eat. I wanted to focus on diet with this post because I want to let you know that just because you eat healthy, doesn’t mean you eat tasteless food. The article on MSN doesn’t necessary focus on eating good (in terms of taste) as it mainly focuses on diabetic meal planning itself, but just because it highlights simple things such as carrots and coffee doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Some of the best crepes pancakes I have ever had were vegan. I suggest getting yourself a diabetic or vegetarian cookbook and trying a few things here and there, trust me, your health will be glad you did.

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