Mens Active Shoes – The Drew Surge

Right now let’s take it back to the active shoes seeing as how the Fall season is around the corner and the hot weather should be going into hibernation. You know what that means, it’s time to start enjoying the night breeze and going for a moonlight stroll. If that’s not your thing, than an early morning stride should do the trick. Either way, you’ll need a comfortable pair of shoes to get out with.

Today we are going to highlight the mens shoes with the Drew Surge. We have four colors of this model starting off with the Drew Surge active shoes in white. This is a great new look for Drew. Like the white model, the Grey Drew Surge and black nubuck Drew Surge have anti-microbal features to keep the feet cool, clean, and dry. Finally, there is the Drew Surge in black to add a simple, yet supportive feel to the stylish athletic shoes. What’s great is the double-added depth of the shoes with the two removable insoles to allow for a custom fit. Now that my friends, is a show that you can feel comfortable in.


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