Combat Decline in Muscular Strength, Even if You Have Type 2 Diabetes

A recent study put out by the American Physical Therapy Association concludes that “Physical therapist-directed exercise counseling combined with fitness center-based exercise training can improve muscular strength and exercise capacity in people with type 2 diabetes, with outcomes similar to those of supervised exercise…” So it is nothing new and no suprise that I am pro-exercise. I always harp on just getting out and taking a walk but now, here is some data to back my point.

Type 2 diabets generally leads to a decline in muscular strength and exercise capability, among the other health complications. But things can be altered with a great attitude, workout schedule, and strong eating habits. Maintaining and improving upon muscular strength is crucial to preventing loss of physical function. Constult your doctor or physical before beginning any rigourous exercise program.

Sheepskin Slippers Now on The Diabetic Shoes HuB

We wanted to build upon our last post about our new categories and feature our first items in the mens and womens sheepskin shoes and boots categories. These are the perfect slippers for people with sensitive feet and can be used for both indoor and outdoor wear. For our first items in the sheepskin categories, we have added the Lamo women’s sheepskin slippers and the men’s Lamo sheepskin slippers. These slippers feature an adjustable strap for a custom fit. They provide excellent protection and unmatched comfort. The slippers from Lamo Sheepskin are made from the highest quality Austalian sheepskin.

New Orthopedic Category – Sheepskin Shoes and Sheepskin Slippers

We are proud to announce that we now have two brand new categories to offer to our clients. The new category carries a wide array of therapeutic benefits. The shoes have naturally insulating properties and an phenomenal level of comfort. The shoes help circulation, skin problems, and of course, diabetes. The new categories are the womens sheepskin slippers and shoes and the mens sheepskin slippers and boots. Sheepskin allows you to maintain your body temperature and helps moisture to escape so that your feet stay dry. Keep your feet healthy, warm, and comfortable in these stylish cozy designs. These sheepskin products also provide excellent breathability. We don’t have my products in the categories yet, but stay tuned because they’ll be coming soon.

Orthofeet Wide Boots and Comfort Shoes

It’s starting to cool down and that means boot season, at least for the parts of the country where weather plays a bigger role in the daily grind. If you have to deal with rain, snow, mud or any other element, you need a strong pair of wide boots. The boots we are featuring today have a double strap construction for an adjustable fit and easy on-off use. We have both a womens and a mens version that are extremely light weight boots that feel like sneakers. The mens wide boots are constructed with extra foam padding to cradle the foot up to the ankle for extra support. The womens wide boots are designed from the inside out to provide unmatched comfort and protection along with attractive styling.

The next shoe we wanted to feature was a pair that we have set aside for sunny days. The mens comfort shoe from Orthofeet has a stylish slip on look, with the comfort and adjustability of a hook and loop strap. All of the footwear in today’s post feature all of the comfort and protection benefits Orthofeet Shoes have become known for.

Orthofeet Diabetic Active Shoes

It’s finally starting to cool down now here in the valley (at least in the mornings) and becoming comfortable running/jogging/walking/getting out and doing something in the morning to start your day weather. To take advantage of this shift of the elemental temperature, we wanted to show some more active shoes from Orthofeet. Sure it may be getting cooler in some parts of the country, but it’s nothing that a little bit of bundling up can’t fix.

For our men’s shoes, we have the Orthofeet 650 triple strap and the Black Orthofeet 651 triple strap running shoes. These have more straps to offer a more customized feel as you get out and get active. These easy-on, easy-off shoes are great for on-the-go style. Much like the mens versions, the womens black Orthofeet 951 and white Orthofeet 950 are triple strap models. The Orthofeet Diabetic Shoes are the perfect athletic shoes for people on the go with trouble tying traditional laces. Whether for men or women, the triple strap active shoe provides a unique wearing experience and the ultimate protection.

Happy Labor Day Weekend

We’d like to wish you a great long Holiday weekend from the Diabetic Shoes HuB. Remember to be safe and stay active. Get out and take a brisk walk or play catch with the boys out in the front yard. Thank you again and enjoy yourself.