Orthofeet Diabetic Active Shoes

It’s finally starting to cool down now here in the valley (at least in the mornings) and becoming comfortable running/jogging/walking/getting out and doing something in the morning to start your day weather. To take advantage of this shift of the elemental temperature, we wanted to show some more active shoes from Orthofeet. Sure it may be getting cooler in some parts of the country, but it’s nothing that a little bit of bundling up can’t fix.

For our men’s shoes, we have the Orthofeet 650 triple strap and the Black Orthofeet 651 triple strap running shoes. These have more straps to offer a more customized feel as you get out and get active. These easy-on, easy-off shoes are great for on-the-go style. Much like the mens versions, the womens black Orthofeet 951 and white Orthofeet 950 are triple strap models. The Orthofeet Diabetic Shoes are the perfect athletic shoes for people on the go with trouble tying traditional laces. Whether for men or women, the triple strap active shoe provides a unique wearing experience and the ultimate protection.


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