Orthofeet 827 Mary Jane wide Shoes

For today’s blog publication, we are featuring a women’s sandal that is so versatile, yet fashionably stylish. The black women’s Mary Jane Stretch Shoes are stretchable and washable making them easy to clean accommodate the fit for anyone. They conform to the contours of the foot, which allows them to accommode foot deformities, and eliminate pressure on feet with lesions, poor circulation, and edema. For a pair of women’s sandals that have have been proven to work wonders for people suffering from Plantar Fasciiatis, the women’s wide shoes have become a trusted pair to get the job done. The Orthofeet sandals feel like the best footwear choice while offering extra comfort and protection.

Diabetes Month 2009 – What the Diabetic Shoes HuB is Doing

We all need to do our part for National Diabetes Month coming up very shortly. So short in fact, that it is a mere 3 days away. Although the celebration and cause should be every day, it is a time of remembrance and rekindling any emotion that may have been scattered throughout the year. You may recall that we noted the upcoming American Diabetes Month in November, but now, we want to tell how we are doing more, to Stop Diabetes!

Contributions have been made from the Diabetic Shoes HuB to support friends and family members as they walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation coming up on Saturday here in Phoenix. Along with that, comes a commitment to help increase awareness and fund research to learn more about this monstrous disease, and prevent it from consuming more. The Diabetic Shoes HuB is doing this by pledging a donation. Five percent of all sales during November, National Diabetes Month, is going to go to the American Diabetes Association to help save the lives of many, and increase the quality of life for so much more. Our involvement with the community will continue to grow, and hopefully encourage others to join the cause to help Stop Diabetes. Let’s all take this step together battle against diabetes continues.

Finn Comfort Shoes Now on The HuB

We wanted to find a great manufacturer that let quality speak for itself. A brand that promotes health with precision design. The result, is Finn Comfort. Each shoe from Finn Comfort is hand-stitched and meticulously hand crafted in Germany. We were fortunate to be able to develop a relationship with the fine representatives of Finn Comfort because of the pride and dedication that they put into each and every shoe.

To start off the preview of Finn Comfort shoes, we have the men’s dress shoes, the Soft Prevention 96100 model. The men’s Finn Comfort dress shoe in black and the men’s Finn Comfort dress shoe in brown are designed specifically to meet the needs of the sensitive foot. These comfort shoes are softly cushioned to help shield and protect painful areas in the foot and ensure perfect protection against pressure sores and ulcers. The Finn Comfort men’s shoes are also designed with a rockered forefoot section encourages natural heel to toe walking motion. Keep an eye out on the blog for more products, or just visit the HuB to see the Finn Comfort shoes and diabetic footwear!

November is American Diabetes Month

November is just around the corner, and every November is American Diabetes Month. Last year, we worked together to help increase diabetes awareness with the American Diabetes Association but this year, they’re looking to take the next step in a national movement and Stop Diabetes altogether by helping to get the word out and fight the disease. Here are some interesting statistics that really get you thinking:

* 24 million children and adults in the United States live with diabetes
* 57 million Americans are at risk for type 2 diabetes
* 1 out of every 3 children born today will face a future with diabetes if current trends continue

The numbers above were pulled from the diabetes.org website. If those trends aren’t alarming, then I don’t know what is. These are some inspiring numbers so tell your friends, your families, and join in to help Stop Diabetes.

Diabetes Resources on Twitter

So the new craze these days has been the micro-blogging site Twitter. Twitter allows users to send updates to their friends about pretty much whatever they want. They only catch is that the updates need to be made in 140 characters or less. So if you’re new to Twitter, what exactly is the benefit of joining? Well there are a few actually: you can keep up with friends, but also celebrities, companies and trending topics. Also, Twitter allows you to follow the accounts that you’re interested in so you can constantly be receiving their updates. Even if you don’t want to sign up for an account, you should keep track of the following diabetes accounts in Twitter. They offer great info and things to keep in mind:


There are definitely others, but the accounts above are a great start to get your feet wet with the Twitter concept. You may even get hooked.

Mens Sheepskin Moccassin Slippers

The sheepskin sandals and shoes are a category that continues to fly off of the shelves faster than we anticipate. We are glad that you love the products that we are carrying. We want to highlight a particular pair for men that are ridiculously comfortable. I’m talking about the mens sheepskin moccasin in chestnut and the mens sheepskin moccasin in chocolate. These sheepskin moccasin slippers have a 1 inch non-slip sole making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Keep your feet warm and dry in these sheepskin moccasin shoes which provide unmatched comfort.

New Womens Sheepskin Boots

These items have been flying out faster than we can put them on the site. It seems that the comfort and health benefits that come with sheepskin footwear is a win-win for our customers. Today we are featuring tall 9-inch sheepskin boots for women. The boots are a classic 9″ styled boot and fully lined with the highest quality Australian sheepskin for premium comfort.

Chestnut Sheepskin Boots for Women

Chestnut Sheepskin Boots for Women

Black Sheepskin Boots for Women

Black Sheepskin Boots for Women

Chocolate Sheepskin Boots for Women

Chocolate Sheepskin Boots for Women

The sheepskin boots have a water and soil resistant upper which is perfect for those damp days. The upper paired with the slip-resistant sole make these the perfect boot for indoor and outdoor use. This sheepskin boot for women is a must have, defining the modern women as stylish, versatile, and luxurious.

Orthofeet Biosole Orthotics

Sorry we haven’t posted in quite sometime, things have been getting quite busy lately. For today’s post, we want to highlight some accessories from Orthofeet, namely, their trusted Biosole Gel Orthotic insole line. Biosole insoles are a self forming orthotic that dynamically shapes to the contours of the foot so you’ll get a unique and customized fit no matter what. First off, let’s kick things off with the Biosole Gel Sport Orthotics designed for more active users. For shoes that may already have a desired depth but not fully optimal cushioning, we also offer the Biosole thin line orthotics designed for men’s dress shoes and women’s casual shoes. For women exclusively, we carry the Biosole womens orthotics built specifically for womens dress shoes. This insole is a very thin orthotic designed for narrow flats and high heels. Last but not least, we have the original Biosole Gel Orthotics which offers superb cushioning and pressure distribution. All insoles protect against heel impacts and can be thermo-formed directly to any user’s foot.