Orthofeet Biosole Orthotics

Sorry we haven’t posted in quite sometime, things have been getting quite busy lately. For today’s post, we want to highlight some accessories from Orthofeet, namely, their trusted Biosole Gel Orthotic insole line. Biosole insoles are a self forming orthotic that dynamically shapes to the contours of the foot so you’ll get a unique and customized fit no matter what. First off, let’s kick things off with the Biosole Gel Sport Orthotics designed for more active users. For shoes that may already have a desired depth but not fully optimal cushioning, we also offer the Biosole thin line orthotics designed for men’s dress shoes and women’s casual shoes. For women exclusively, we carry the Biosole womens orthotics built specifically for womens dress shoes. This insole is a very thin orthotic designed for narrow flats and high heels. Last but not least, we have the original Biosole Gel Orthotics which offers superb cushioning and pressure distribution. All insoles protect against heel impacts and can be thermo-formed directly to any user’s foot.