Finn Comfort Shoes Now on The HuB

We wanted to find a great manufacturer that let quality speak for itself. A brand that promotes health with precision design. The result, is Finn Comfort. Each shoe from Finn Comfort is hand-stitched and meticulously hand crafted in Germany. We were fortunate to be able to develop a relationship with the fine representatives of Finn Comfort because of the pride and dedication that they put into each and every shoe.

To start off the preview of Finn Comfort shoes, we have the men’s dress shoes, the Soft Prevention 96100 model. The men’s Finn Comfort dress shoe in black and the men’s Finn Comfort dress shoe in brown are designed specifically to meet the needs of the sensitive foot. These comfort shoes are softly cushioned to help shield and protect painful areas in the foot and ensure perfect protection against pressure sores and ulcers. The Finn Comfort men’s shoes are also designed with a rockered forefoot section encourages natural heel to toe walking motion. Keep an eye out on the blog for more products, or just visit the HuB to see the Finn Comfort shoes and diabetic footwear!

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