Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

We at the Diabetic Shoes HuB wanted to wish you all a great Thanksgiving weekend. Remember to be safe, watch what you eat, and most of all, enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to enjoy a nice stroll afterward to walk off some of those calories.

Drew Shoe Joline – Womens Dress Shoes

We want to show you the newest products not only on the HuB, but new from Drew Shoe as well. We have some women’s dress pumps that feature a removable & replaceable insole for custom orthotics or longer shoe life. The Drew Shoe Women’s Joline pumps are the most comfortable, classic pump in the world. They have a heel height of 1 5/8″ and come in three stylish colors.

Women's Diabetic Pumps

Women's Diabetic Shoes - Black Patent

Women's Diabetic Pumps

Women's Diabetic Shoes - Brown

Women's Diabetic Pumps

Women's Diabetic Shoes - Black

The pumps were designed to feel as good at the end of the day as they did at the beginning of the day when you first put them on. These Drew Joline pumps accommodate prescribed orthotics.

Great Start to American Diabetes Month

We want to thank you from the Diabetic Shoes HuB for a great start to the month of November. This year for American Diabetes Month, we are going to donate 5 percent of all sales to fund diabetes research in an effort to stop the life threatening disease. The more that is known about diabetes, the easier it is to treat it.

In the meantime, we can all continue to work together to increase diabetes awareness. Awareness is the first step to prevention. Other things to do for yourself are getting on the right track to the right diet, getting enough sleep, and of course, exercising. Remember; workouts do not have to be rigorous and can as simple as a walk after dinner.

New Diabetic Dress Socks from Ecosox

Because the original bamboo socks from Ecosox did so well, we have just added the new diabetic dress socks from Ecosox. Much like the diabetic crew sock, these have a larger sock top helps prevent marks on swollen legs. They wick away moisture and keep the foot dry with the anti-static material which also helps to prevent blisters. The socks come in four great colors, khaki, tan, black, and navy which give you options for your work day. The anti-static properties of the bamboo socks prevent skin irritation such as blisters that can easily turn into much more severe foot problems such as ulcers, non-healing wounds as well as infections that can all lead to amputations. Stop by the HuB and checkout the new diabetic dress socks today.

Drew Pioneer Diabetic Boots – Back By Popular Demand

For today’s post, we are featuring a great pair of diabetic boots that Drew Shoe has revitalized. These men’s boots are not only ideal for diabetics, but they also create their own category as a unique “comfort boot.” The footwear back from Drew is the Pioneer Boot. The Drew Pioneer Boot in brown and the Drew Pioneer Boot in black offer men double the added depth, providing 20 percent more in shoe capacity than traditional footwear. The footbed in the Pioneer is moldable to minimizes friction, cushion impact, and molds to the contour of the foot. It’s no wonder these boots were brought back from Drew.

Sheepskin Clogs for Women

Are you getting ready for Christmas shopping (or have you at least thought about it? Well we have the perfect idea for the women and girls in your life, the sheepskin clog. The sheepskin clogs are built for easy on-off fitting so they’re great on the go and they can even be worn for everyday use. The versatility comes from the 1″ slip resistant out sole on the clogs. There are three great colors available:

Tan Women's Sheepskin Clog - chestnut

Women's Sheepskin Clog

Black Women's Sheepskin Clog - black

Women's Sheepskin Clog

Brown Women's Sheepskin Clog - chocolate

Women's Sheepskin Clog

The sheepskin clog wraps the users feet with authentic sheepskin lining, while still keeping feet warm and dry. The dryness is maintained by circulating the moisture through the sheepskin where it evaporates. The clog is also designed with an authentic cowhide suede exterior, which is soil and water resistant.