Sheepskin Clogs for Women

Are you getting ready for Christmas shopping (or have you at least thought about it? Well we have the perfect idea for the women and girls in your life, the sheepskin clog. The sheepskin clogs are built for easy on-off fitting so they’re great on the go and they can even be worn for everyday use. The versatility comes from the 1″ slip resistant out sole on the clogs. There are three great colors available:

Tan Women's Sheepskin Clog - chestnut

Women's Sheepskin Clog

Black Women's Sheepskin Clog - black

Women's Sheepskin Clog

Brown Women's Sheepskin Clog - chocolate

Women's Sheepskin Clog

The sheepskin clog wraps the users feet with authentic sheepskin lining, while still keeping feet warm and dry. The dryness is maintained by circulating the moisture through the sheepskin where it evaporates. The clog is also designed with an authentic cowhide suede exterior, which is soil and water resistant.

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