Have a Save and Happy New Year

Well the Holidays are almost winding down and we want to be sure to wish you a great, enjoyable New Year’s Eve in hopes that you bring in the year 2010 in comfort and happiness. This year has been anything but a breeze and although we are climbing back, the economic road to recovery is not going to be a smooth ride. That being said, we appreciate all of the time that you spend with us on our site. Your trust in us has helped us to continue to develop lasting relationships with reputable orthopedic shoe developers. But we’re not through yet, oh far from it in fact. We still have a few suppliers waiting to come on board and you can bet that 2010 will be full of additional shoes and orthopedic footwear accessories, improved customer service, and most importantly, savings for you. We’re looking forward to continually serving you. Now get out and enjoy your New Year’s Eve!