New Men’s Aetrex Ambulator Shoes

We have a few new men’s Aetrex Ambulator models to talk about today. Whether you need a new pair of comfy shoes to slip into for the weekend relaxing, or throw on a supportive pair with your suit to last you through the work day, we have a new Ambulator Biomechanical model for you. First off, we have the men’s boat shoes from Aetrex. The boat shoes for men are a part of the Aetrex Ambulator Biomechanical line which are widely recognized as the number one recommended footwear line for those with diabetes, arthritis, or painful foot conditions. For our more versatile shoes, we have the men’s stitched oxford and men’s slip-on shoes to talk about. Both models are made with removable depth, hidden-depth rocker soles, firm heel counters, high toe boxes, and much more. You can either dress them up with slacks, or dress them down with jeans. Take a look at these new men’s shoes at the Diabetic Shoes HuB today.

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