Drew Jada – New Womens Flats from Drew Shoe

New womens flats have just been added to the Diabetic Shoes HuB for your pleasure. The Drew Shoe Jada shoes are stylish and comfortable and built with a stretch fabric material that provides slipper like comfort while maintaining the necessary support qualities of therapeutic slippers. These flats are the premier Drew Shoe womens footwear item.

Red Drew Jada Womens Flats

Red Womens Flats

Black Drew Jada Womens Flats

Black Womens Flats

Ivory Drew Jada Womens Flats

Ivory Womens Flats

These womens flats include signature Drew Shoe features such as a removable, moldable, dual density insole which provides shock absorption, a firm heel counter, and a steel shank for additional support and stability. The Drew Shoe Jada is also designed with added depth providing more toe room than a traditional shoe allowing for the accommodation of custom orthotics. Shop for the flats at the Diabetic Shoes HuB and save today.


One Response to “Drew Jada – New Womens Flats from Drew Shoe”

  1. erins2009 Says:

    Sweet! I got so sick of clunky, ugly diabetic shoes in my city that I started ordering them online. I love these in the red.

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