Women’s Running Shoes from Aetrex

With Spring around the corner it is time to get some running or walking shoes and enjoy the weather outside. We have two new pairs from Aetrex that we want to feature. First, we have the Stealth running shoe for women in silver and blue. The V551 Women’s Stealth Runner is a shoe known for its high standards in comfort and performance. These shoes help to keep your foot healthy and dry. Next up, we have the women’s Boss running shoe which was built with a breathable, open air mesh upper to keep everything cool, dry, and healthy. The women’s Boss Runner from Aetrex includes performance and offers customizable features that address the comfort needs of diabetics that wish to maintain an active and healthy life. Take a browse at these and other running shoes at the Diabetic Shoes HuB and save when the Spring season comes.

New Men’s Walking Shoes from Aetrex Worldwide

Today as the second month of the year gets kicked into high gear, we’d like to highlight two new models of walking shoes for men. These shoes come from the Ambulator line of footwear from Aetrex Worldwide. The walking shoes help to decrease and limit stress on areas of the foot which are most susceptible to pain through the use of their famous Pressure Relief System. First, we have the white Active Lace walking shoes which uses a traditional lacing system. Then, there is the black Active Velcro walking shoes. Both models are designed with a moisture wicking, foam backed fabric lining to help keep your feet healthy and dry. We are adding more shoes all of the time and in the process of getting more up onto the website so stay tuned and enjoy your February.

Take Care of Your Loved Ones

It is the month for love and passion. Okay, it’s actually supposed to be done year-round, but in February they call to attention the special affection and attention that you should show to your loved ones. This year, do it with something that money can’t buy. Show that special someone that you care by giving them support and encouragement in whatever endeavor that they may encounter. Keep health in the back of your mind. Cook them a special meal or go exercising with them to get them on track. It will help them and yourself as well. Hope you’re having a great winter, stay warm and show some love.