Save This Mother’s Day

We want to help you make this year easier to save and show your appreciate to loved ones this year. We understand how important mom’s are to everyone in this world, so to help show our appreciation, we have recently started another promotion on the website. This Mother’s Day, save $25 off of any over $200 or more. Just use the promo code “MD11” at checkout and you can experience the savings. We have recently just added some favorites in women’s footwear so feel free to come by the site, browse the selection, and save today.

Dribble to Stop Diabetes

The NBA understands the serious risks associated with diabetes. The league has teamed up with the American Diabetes Association to in an alliance to grow awareness for the disease. Visit the website dribble to stop diabetes for more information and tips about prevention. The website also has helpful articles on living with diabetes.

New Diabetic Insoles – Lynco Shearling Orthotics

We have just added new insoles to the website at the Diabetic Shoes HuB. We are proud to display the new line of Lynco Shearling Shoe Inserts. We now feature the Lynco L900 Shearling Orthotics. These insoles are designed to provide maximum foot comfort and protection. Additionally, we also have the Lynco L925 Insoles and feature every model in between from the Shearling line. The shoes inserts provided increased air circulation and insulation. Every step that you take doesn’t have to be stressful for your foot. Shop these Lynco orthotics and save today.