Only One Day Left to Donate a Pair of Shoes to Someone in Need

Are you on the fence about a new pair of orthopedic shoes? If so then now is the time to buy. We’re also proud to announce the offering of our new compression socks category. From now until the day, we will donate a pair of shoes to someone in need for every order over $99. We’ll be able to do this with the help of Soles4Souls. Help to make a difference, order today and save.

Help to Make a Difference for Someone in Need

From now until the end of the month, you can help to make a difference to someone in need. The Diabetic Shoes HuB is teaming up with Soles4Souls and donating one pair of shoes for every order over $99. It is important to us as an organization to give back to the community, not only through education and awareness of the disease, but also through helping those that are less fortunate. So if you’re in need of a pair of therapeutic shoes, orthopedic socks, or diabetic footwear, shop with us and help to make a difference. Hurry though, this offer only lasts until the end of February so take advantage of this great deal today.

Compressions Socks Now Featured at the Diabetic Shoes HuB

So what are compression socks? Compressions socks, also known as support socks or compression hosiery are designed to increase blood circulation. This is done because they provide pressure on the lower leg and foot. Many users of support socks use the products to minimize circulatory foot issues like edema, phlebitis, and thrombosis. The support hosiery uses stronger elastics than standard socks to create pressure on the lower extremities. Shop for these items at the Diabetic Shoes HuB and as always, you can find them at competitive prices with superior customer service.

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