Here’s To A New Year and New Beginnings

It’s 2013, and we hope it’s been a good one for you so far. It certainly has for us. Being busy is always a good thing right? But as busy as the days keep us, there are always a few things that we need to make time for; family, friends, and of course, health. Are you trying to make a commitment to a healthier you this year, but don’t know where to start? Sure, exercise and diet are always good places to start, but what if you’re looking for something more?  Well now, you can use My Health Advisor from the American Diabetes Association. The tool gives you a powerful measurement of where you are, shows what your health risks are and how to lower them, and even gives you an action plan to a stronger you. If you haven’t used it yet, we strongly recommend it. Join us in taking the challenge to be healthier in 2013!

New Drew Shoes Added

We’ve just added some great new shoe models from the popular orthopedic shoe designer, Drew Shoe. Drew Shoe, in it’s 135-year history, has refined and mastered the science of therapeutic comfort footwear. Every pair is an inventive combination of function and style, working to keep your feet healthy, and looking great. For the ladies, we have the Women’s Bethany which has an upper made of breathable microfiber and mesh while the Drilex® and AEGIS Microbe Shild lining controls moisture and odor causing bacteria. For the guys, there is the Men’s Bexley which is a loafer designed for comfort. It is designed with the Plus Fitting System® with two removable insoles for added and double depth, or you can simply replace them with custom orthotics for a personalize fit. These are two more dynamic models that we are excited to offer for you. Take a look and shop these and other popular Drew Shoe footwear models today.

New Aetrex Running Shoes

2013 is a great year for a new you! We don’t mean changing your personality, you’re great just the way you are. What we’re talking about is paying closer attention to your health. Getting proper rest, eating better, and of course, exercising. We have just the right pair of shoes to help you in your commitment to working out. For the guys, we have the Aetrex Q562M men’s edge runner. And for the ladies, there is the Aetrex Q568W women’s edge runner. These fitness shoes offer a padded tongue and collar to create a comfortable environment and reduce heel slippage. The breathable Aeromax™ mesh upper on the shoes promote a healthy foot environment to keep your feet dry. They feature a removable Mozaic Insole that is easily customizable to relieve pressure at specific areas of the metatarsals and calcaneus. So don’t wait, make a commitment to your health today.

Some Good News to Start The Year Off Right

Hello 2013! Hopefully it’s been a good one for you so far. We wanted to give you some good news to help you start the year off right while we’re all still settling into our grove. With your help, we have helped the American Diabetes Association reach their $1 million donation goal. Your support is going to go to programs that will help to build awareness of diabetes as well as conduct further research to understand the complications associated with the disease. So go ahead, pat yourself on the back and let’s make 2013 and even bigger and brighter year!