Our Hearts Go Out to Boston

A day after the tragic events of the Boston marathon still bring feelings of sadness, anger, disgust. Who would do such a thing to such a crowd of innocent people? It has been tough to watch the news stations because of all of the speculation. But one thing is for certain: We’re with you Boston, in our hearts, and through our prayers.

There are countless media sources covering the subject. To help sift through the mounds of information out there, we have found a page of official information sources from Search Engine Land that is very helpful.


We read an interesting quote from ESPN that sums up the spirit of the country very well. In moments of tragedy, we all root for the same team. Go Boston!

Introducing Genuine Grip Footwear

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Taking Care of Your Feet

Did you know that April is Limb Loss Awareness Month? It’s important to acknowledge those that have been affected in the past, as well as take the necessary steps to keep feet healthy and prevent amputations. Many people with diabetes have blood vessel disease, which reduces blood flow to the feet. They may also have nerve disease, called neuropathy, which reduces sensation and makes it harder to tell when something is wrong with their feet. These issues are likely to lead to a variety of foot problems.

Today is the day to start to take simple steps to improve your foot health. Simple things like not going barefoot, checking your feet every time you take your shoes off and, if you have a problem, seeing your health care provider right away will do wonders. Your health care provider can teach you proper foot care and should conduct a thorough check of your feet once a year at the very least.

To learn and read more about the importance of these steps, read more on caring for your feet.