Diabetic Healthy Lunches

It has been a while since we’ve shared information on healthy eating. Today, we want to feature a great video from eHowHealth that gives a great overview of some solid lunch options. Lunch is such an important part of the day, but we often neglect the meal because of how hectic our days can get. All it takes is a bit of planning. Be sure to plan out your meals beforehand and use the following resource to eat better, and feel great.

New Women’s Orthofeet Shoes

Orthofeet has been a great manufacturer with many customer favorites. It is nothing short of a premium brand of specialty footwear.  Each model is biomechanically designed to provide users with ultimate mobility, comfort, protection, and style for an improved quality of life. Here are a few new ones that we’d like to highlight.

First, we have the 875 women’s sandals which is made with a seam free lining with extra foam padding for great comfort and protection. The sandals is equipped with a bungee toggle lace system for a secure fit through the forefoot. Next, we have the Astoria shoes which features a fashionable patent leather combination upper that is able to stretch to accommodate various foot types. This shoe is made with an anti-microbial, seam-free lining creates a comfortable and healthy shoe interior for sensitive feet.

Check out these, and other great shoes on our site.