Read These Diabetic Travel Tips For Your Last Summer Trip

School is just around the corner, which means that there’s still time to take one last trip in the wonderful weather. Don’t let any complications with diabetes stop you from enjoying these last few weeks. Before you leave, make sure to note your contacts, and anticipate screenings. Those back at home need to know where you can be reached, and you never want to get help up in the airport security line longer than you have to. Then, while you’re away, keep your liquids close, and load up on the snacks. There is no telling how easy it can be to get a hold of food, especially the affordable kind.

You can read all about these tips and more, at the website. The page is called Tips for Traveling with Diabetes. It is packed with 29 basic, but essential items to keep in mind when you hit the road.

Check Out Propet Rejuve Sandals for Summer

Summer is about half way over, but there is still plenty of time to soak up the sun in comfort and style. Propet Rejuve Sandals are designed for biomechanical function by a leading podiatric surgeon. The patent pending design in each pair mitigates lower extremity joint pain and promote the natural movements of the body during the gait cycle. With the specially designed U-shape heel cup, these orthopedics sandals minimize over pronation. The deep U-shaped heel cup also offers superior arch support while the extended foot cradle provides medial and lateral stability. Propet Rejuve Sandals are an excellent choice in promoting proper foot function. If you suffer from lower back or limb pain, give them a try and they might just be the cure you’ve been looking for. Check out the featured styles for both men and women and a variety of colors below.

Propet Rejuve Women's Helen

Propet Rejuve Women’s Helen

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Propet Rejuve Women’s Hartley

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Propet Rejuve Women’s Hailey

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Propet Rejuve Men’s Harrison

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Propet Rejuve Men’s Anderson