Prevent or Manage Diabetes with Your Smartphone

There is a great article on the Huffington Post today called “Get Smart: Prevent or Manage Diabetes with Your Smartphone” about great apps for your device to make healthy living easy. The article talks about not only prevention and healthy living, but also diabetes management. Here is a blurb from the article:

“This mobile device is ubiquitous today; as the old American Express ad says, we “don’t leave home without it.” Of course, not everyone has one, but for many people, a smartphone can be a terrific tool to help prevent diabetes, or manage the disease and prevent complications for those who already have it. Below are some of my favorite downloadable programs, or apps, and ways to make your smartphone work for and motivate you in the pursuit of healthful living and diabetes management.”

It’s never too early to start a new year’s resolution. Let’s all take steps together to enjoy a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle.