Study Links Sleep Loss to Diabetes

Are you getting enough sleep? Sure, life catch up to all of us, but we need to make a commitment to our health. Aside from all of the benefits of a proper night of rest, you can add “diabetes prevention” to the list. According to a recent news article in two sleep scenarios:

“In one, they got a full night’s sleep — about eight hours a night — for four nights. In the other, they only got slightly more than four hours of sleep a night, according to the researchers.
After a few consecutive nights of getting too little sleep, the men’s blood levels of fatty acids increased and stayed high for about five hours in the early morning hours. These levels usually peak and then drop overnight.

As long as fatty acid levels remained high, the ability of insulin to regulate blood sugar levels was impaired, according to the study.”

It is a great read. Check it out, and afterwards, hit the sack and catch some Z’s.


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