Thanksgiving Meals for Diabetics

Whether you or someone you know has diabetes, you understand the greater importance to eating right to help and control the disease. You never want to have someone missing out on the family fun. Thankfully, we’ve heard about people doing this a time or two.

Here’s a great article from Yahoo News about Cooking for a diabetic at Thanksgiving that has great tips and recipes for all parts of the meal including the appetizer, the main entree, and of course, dessert. Here is a short portion of the article:

Diabetic-Friendly Thanksgiving Appetizers

A diabetic should be snacking on a little something every few hours to keep blood sugar levels in check. It would not be wise to attempt to fast the whole day leading up to the big meal. This could result in your blood sugar dropping too low and leave you feeling lethargic and dizzy. Instead, aim to incorporate snacks with protein, whole grains, and heart-healthy fats every few hours.