The Diabetic Shoes Hub

What We’re About

This blog is a blog about diabetic shoes and information on diabetes. Diabetes is a growing problem in our nation and it is up to us to increase the awareness and health of individuals to lead everyone to a healthier, happier lifestyle. We’re here to contribute to the distribution of knowledge and be available to the diabetic community to offer the necessities for diabetics at competitive prices. We want to help and that is why we are here.

What We Value

At The Diabetic Shoes HuB, we value ethics, trust, and most importantly, we value you, our readers, and our customers. The Diabetic Shoes HuB was created to be a trustworthy source for diabetic shoes and diabetes information. We value your trust and we will back that value with excellent service.

What We Do

The exists to provide a convenient, private, and informative shopping experience that encourages consumers to purchase diabetic shoes and accessories.

Come and See for Yourself

Find out more at The Diabetic Shoes HuB, your source for Diabetic Shoes and Diabetes Information

2 Responses to “The Diabetic Shoes Hub”

  1. robaorl08 Says:

    Cloud Nine Sheepsin / has a great selection of slippers for Diabetics. They have Open Toe and Closed Toe Adjustable sheepskin slippers with extra thick sheepskin insoles thgat are removable for inserts or to replace. Check them out. Slippers&SubCat=MENS&SubCatDesc=Mens Sheepskin Slippers&T1=MEDS&SubSubCatDesc=Medical Slippers&Search=Link

  2. Greg Lewinter Says:

    Hi All,
    My name is Greg Lewinter and I just started at a company called Pavo Shoes. We are in a bunch of locations in the Northeast and we have just launched a new collection of diabetic footwear, that is made from new Italian Leather. After months of redesign, we feel we have the best quality of shoe, and now offer a sleek and fashionable design. All of our shoes are medicare approved and we are offering a new pricing model for individual customers, as we want to test-drive the Fall designs. Please contact me at or at 508-826-6853 and I will definitely make something happen!


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