New Aetrex Ambulator Shoes for Women

To start off this new year, we added more Aetrex Ambulator shoes for women. Aetrex is known as one of the industry leading makers of supportive, comfortable footwear and these Biomechanical shoes are no exception. First up we have the Biomechanical Striped Lace Up Shoes in brown. This shoe is built with a new and improved slip resistant polyurethane sole. The shoes also use a traditional lacing design that provides elegance and a secure fit. Next up, the Ambulator Biomechanical with Velcro Closure in the taupe color is built with a single hook and loop strap closure for ease and convenience. Three removable layers provide a customized fit just for you. Designed to limit stress at the areas of the foot most susceptible to pain, these Diabetic Ambulator Shoes are often recommended for diabetes, arthritis or for anyone seeking an orthopedic shoe that provides maximum comfort.

Ambulator Stretchers with Velcro Closure

Aetrex Ambulator shoes are widely recognized as the number one line of footwear for people suffering from diabetic related problems and the Ambulator stretchers have only proven that. These shoes are great for people not only looking to take care of their feet, but also for those who are just looking for a comfy fit. The Aetrex Ambulator Stretchers were designed to help heal injured feet and limit stress and foot pain. The Aetrex 1201 shoes are also great for anyone with arthritis. The shoes help heal and keep feet healthy and comfortable so you know you can rest assured that you will be comfy while your feet stay clean.

Men’s Aetrex Biomechanical Ambulator

As you already know, Aetrex Ambulator shoes have been a favorite because of their sturdiness, support, and unmatched comfort. Aetrex footwear is designed specifically to address the biomechanics of human walking, by limiting stress at the areas of the foot most susceptible to pain. These Aetrex Biomechanical Ambulator shoes are no exception. The Aetrex Ambulator Biomechanical footwear features multiple removable insoles for triple depth and fitting flexibility, hidden depth rocker soles, firm heel counters, high toe boxes, and much more. With all of these features bundled into one pair of footwear, how can you go wrong?