Aetrex X923 Triple Hook-and-Loop Closure

The Aetrex X923 Orthopedic Shoes for both men and women are a unique shoe for those with diabetes related foot problems because they feature a triple hook-and-loop closure for a truly customized fit. The Aetrex Lenex X923 for Men and Aetrex Lenex X923 for Women are the perfect get-and-go shoes with their effortless system which saves time taking with them off and putting them on. The Lenex X923 shoes keep the foot in a healthy cool environment with their technologically advanced leathers, polyurethanes and moisture transferring polyesters. Like all Aetrex Performance Footwear, the Lenex line provides an equal distribution of pressure throughout the gait cycle while maintaining the highest standards in comfort, breathability, and support for each wearer.