Peyton Manning’s Prank on Jay Cutler

In case you hadn’t heard the news yet, here’s a funny joke that wasn’t funny after-all, but then, it was again. In a Pro-Bowl initiation stunt, The Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning threw what he thought was Jay Cutler’s cell phone into the pool. The only problem was, that the device happened to be Jay’s diabetes monitor. Peyton and the gang had attempted to “haze” the first-time pro-bowler but as pointed out earlier in the week, the prank turned into a serious matter, for a moment at least. Things ended up being alright as Jay made a few calls and was able to find a replacement within an hour. See, even celebrities with diabetes catch the heat.

Professional NBA player Adam Morrison inspires

Being a leader in his college years at not only Gonzaga University but the entire NCAA, Adam Morrison has left his mark in the basketball world. He is now playing for the Charlotte Bobcats and was the 3rd overall pick in the 2006 NBA draft. If you watch ESPN, chances are you have heard of this guy. Here is something you may not know about him though, he was diagnosed with diabetes in the 8th grade.

At the age of 13, Adam was playing in a game that went into overtime and began displaying seizer-like symptoms. It was then that he was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with diabetes. Despite this news, it had never stopped him from working hard and achieving his dream to play in the NBA. His next goal of an NBA championship may not be that far off with his heart and attitude.