Denver Broncos Quaterback Living with Diabetes

The Quarterback for the Denver Broncos will have more challenges than just putting points on the board this year. In late April, Jay Cutler was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Cutler said couragously that in no way will his football career be jeopardized. Cutler goes on to bravely state that diabetes will have minimal effect on his life as well as he plans to deal with his condition. He is just grateful that it was diagnosed before it was too late. His dietary habits have changed for the better and he plans on wearing during practice until he gets back up to his playing weight and the diabetes stabilizes. Cutler’s dedication to not let the diagnoses affect his play is something we can all look forward to seeing. We admire your courage and attitude Jay.

“Obviously, this is a serious disease,” Jay said. “It’s not going to change me on the field. I’ll make lifestyle changes. But I’ll probably be a better quarterback this year than I was last year.”

Famous People with Diabetes

I found a pretty cool blog post at that discusses Famous People with Diabetes. It starts off with someone writing a short post and listing a couple (Mary Tyler Moore and Bret Michaels) and the community goes on into a great discussion with famous diabetics. I had no idea Luther Vandross and Patty Labelle had diabetes. I was however, aware of Halle Barry. It’s a cool post. Check it out when you have a second.