Track Your Food Intake

Aside from regular exercise and sleeping well, the third step to a healthier lifestyle of nutrition. Eating the right foods can set you on the right path to an increased quality of life, but that’s not all, too much of anything is a bad thing, so use My Food Advisor from the American Diabetes Association to help you out. There are meal planning options and recipes to try out so that you’re never bored with your food intake. Go ahead and use it and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Diabetic Diet- Can These Food Prevent Diabetes?

I saw an interesting article on the homepage of and I just figured it was pretty relevant to the content of this blog. We always talk about how our shoes and socks had benefits for anyone suffering from diabetes, but truly, it starts with diet, exercise, and a full night of rest on a consistent basis. Now I always harp on the fact that taking a simple walk on a regular basis will do so I’ll spare you on that end for now. The other piece of the pie has to do with what you eat. I wanted to focus on diet with this post because I want to let you know that just because you eat healthy, doesn’t mean you eat tasteless food. The article on MSN doesn’t necessary focus on eating good (in terms of taste) as it mainly focuses on diabetic meal planning itself, but just because it highlights simple things such as carrots and coffee doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Some of the best crepes pancakes I have ever had were vegan. I suggest getting yourself a diabetic or vegetarian cookbook and trying a few things here and there, trust me, your health will be glad you did.

Diabetes and Your Diet

It’s no secret that your diet has a direct effect on the chances of you becoming a diabetic and even though I laid out a vegan diet consideration, I know that there are some people who just don’t think they can move down that route. For those of you that need to alter your diet for the better but aren’t willing to go vegan, there are other tips available to take steps towards the betterment of your health. For one, limit the amount of red meat and dairy in your diet, especially cheeses. Regardless of your weight, studies show that those who consume large amounts of these two types of foods are up to 4 times more likely to develop diabetes.

Although this may seem like common sense, increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables you consume can have a significant decrease in the likelihood of becoming diabetic. Start your day off with at least a piece of fruit every morning and stay away from those sugary juice drinks and cinnamon rolls.

Holiday Desserts

What are the holidays without some great treats to enjoy them? Everyone remembers the warm brownies and delicious cookies mom used to pull out of the oven while the snow fell in the yard. Well now that we’re all older, eating healthy is more important than ever. Now just because you’re a diabetic doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great crustless pumpkin pie or a chocolate banana parfait. The site has the recipes for a ton of great diabetic desserts so you can enjoy all aspects of the holidays. The great thing is that when the holidays are over, you can still enjoy some scrumptious apple cobbler. There is enough to try on this page to keep you busy for quite a long time.

Eating in with diabetes

Of course, if you don’t always have the money to eat out there are still some great options for meals at the house that won’t break your wallet. There are quite a few diabetic recipes listed on the website. The recipes are for delicious tasting foods no matter what your eating preferences are. The list includes all things from appetizers, to desserts, to soups and everything in between. Odds are that it may take you quite a while to get through this list so if you’re on a diabetic diet, this recipe list is definitely something to check out.

A Diabetic Diet…Not Just for Diabetics!

Diabetic diets are all about healthy choices and controlled proportions.  Watching what you eat is imperative to health and attention to detail can only pay off in the long-run.  Making the commitment to eat a diabetic diet is a commitment to better your health.  Now I may be repeating the obvious right now, but not all people know that a diabetic diet can have positive effects for everyone.  For those that are professional athletes or training for an important sporting event, they can all tell you that watching what you eat has direct implications on their health and performance.  Eating a diabetic diet is no different, sure the food intake may call for different things, but watching what you eat can add years to your life.  Make the commitment, you owe it to yourself.

Diabetic Recipes

The site features over 800 recipes to enjoy while maintaining your diabetic diet. The site has many delicious options from meals for one to holiday get-togethers.

Since Summer is just around the corner, one good page to see is the Fourth of July Picnic Menu. The page contains recipes for potato salad, vegetable salad, grilled chicken, and much more for the day out in the sun. Check out the site and prepare a delectable, hear-healthy meal today knowing that you can keep your diabetes in check.