5 Reasons To Keep Your Dog Fit

As I was leaving the dog park yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice the increasing number of overweight dogs in the common-area. Sure the lovable furry fellas are still the same old caring canines, but neglecting to exercise them has some serious consequences.

1. Taking your dog on daily walks, makes you go on daily walks. What better reason do you need to get up out of the couch and turn off the tv?
2. Keep your pup around longer. Much like us and our race, the healthier a dog is, the longer he/she lives.
3. Prevent dog diabetes. Watch their food intake and take them on regular walks. Limiting their assortment of food also makes it easier on you. If you’re responsible, you won’t be the dog owner that leaves your pup’s poop sitting out in public.
4. You learn discipline, the dog learns to behave. So you’ve just gotten home from an exhausting day at work and you’re ready for the boob tube. Well guess what my friend? Your dog is going to make you earn your tv time. As you learn to discipline yourself and go on walks when you absolutely don’t want to, your dog spends time with you and learns what is acceptable in terms of behavior. This is quality time as opposed to you laying on the couch while your dog is in the other room chewing on a rawhide.
5. Dogs really are man’s best friend. If you take care of them, they’ll take care of you. All they need is some TLC and they’ll give you much more than you bargained for, in a good way of course.