Track Your Food Intake

Aside from regular exercise and sleeping well, the third step to a healthier lifestyle of nutrition. Eating the right foods can set you on the right path to an increased quality of life, but that’s not all, too much of anything is a bad thing, so use My Food Advisor from the American Diabetes Association to help you out. There are meal planning options and recipes to try out so that you’re never bored with your food intake. Go ahead and use it and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Eating in with diabetes

Of course, if you don’t always have the money to eat out there are still some great options for meals at the house that won’t break your wallet. There are quite a few diabetic recipes listed on the website. The recipes are for delicious tasting foods no matter what your eating preferences are. The list includes all things from appetizers, to desserts, to soups and everything in between. Odds are that it may take you quite a while to get through this list so if you’re on a diabetic diet, this recipe list is definitely something to check out.

Diabetic Recipes

The site features over 800 recipes to enjoy while maintaining your diabetic diet. The site has many delicious options from meals for one to holiday get-togethers.

Since Summer is just around the corner, one good page to see is the Fourth of July Picnic Menu. The page contains recipes for potato salad, vegetable salad, grilled chicken, and much more for the day out in the sun. Check out the site and prepare a delectable, hear-healthy meal today knowing that you can keep your diabetes in check.